CCFOI Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2021

The meeting took place at the home of Mitch Pearlman, 35 Bunker Hill Road, Glastonbury.

Present: Mike Savino, Colleen Murphy, Chris Powell, Kim Phillips, Mary Connolly, Michele Jacklin, Tom Scheffey, Mitch Pearlman, Paula Pearlman, Gary Gold, Steve Nevas, Jeff Daniels, Liz Gemski.

The minutes of the May 19, 2021 meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s report: Phillips reported a balance of $14,203.70. She said arrangements are set for the annual awards luncheon at the Pond House Café in Elizabeth Park. It was postponed this spring due to the pandemic. The Pond House Café is reserved for Tuesday, Sept. 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Legislative report: Gemski and Paula Pearlman provided an update. Attached is Paula Pearlman’s 2021 final report on the regular and special legislative sessions on public access and accountability legislation.

Annual awards: There was discussion of the honors to be awarded at the Sept. 14 event. The Bice Clemow award goes to a non-journalist, the Stephen A. Collins award goes to a journalist, and the Champion of Open Government award goes to journalists and non-journalists.

Clemow award: The House Democratic and Republican leaders were chosen for their support of FOI. House Speaker Matthew Ritter and the House Republican leader Vincent Candelora will receive the award.

Collins award: The Hartford Courant will be honored for its work to challenge the constitutionality of the Connecticut Juvenile Transfer Act, which shields courtroom proceedings and judicial records from the public in juvenile felony cases transferred to adult criminal court.

Champion of Open Government: Three will be honored. William Fish Jr., of the Connecticut Foundation for Open Government and the attorney who filed the Courant lawsuit challenging the Juvenile Transfer Act. Maureen Croteau, who recently retired as head of the UConn Journalism Department and as a professor. Katie Townsend, legal director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, for her support in challenging the Juvenile Transfer Act.

Elections: President Mike Savino, Treasurer Kim Phillips, Secretary Mary Connolly and legislative co-chairs Michele Jacklin and Jeff Daniels were re-elected. Vice President Matt Kauffman did not seek re-election. Jacklin was elected to serve as vice president.

Looking ahead: After a summer break, our award winners will be honored Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 11:30 a.m. at the annual awards luncheon at Pond House Café, 1555 Asylum Ave., West Hartford.