CCFOI Meeting Minutes – Jan. 27, 2021

The meeting was by Zoom.

Present: Mike Savino, Kimberly Phillips, Matt Kauffman, Mary Connolly, Gary Gold, Liz Gemski, Michele Jacklin, Paula Pearlman, Jeff Daniels, Chris Powell, Mitch Pearlman, Tom Scheffey.

The minutes of the Dec. 16, 2000 meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s report: Phillips reported a balance of $12,953.70. A $1,000 contribution was received from the Connecticut Foundation for Open Government.

Legislative report: Gemski reviewed meetings with legislators and proposed bills. There was discussion of presenting testimony at hearings. Many of the proposals have been faced before and we can update previous testimony. Facing another legislative session in the pandemic, Gemski said decisions are still being made on how the session will be conducted.

Looking ahead: The next CCFOI meeting will be Feb. 17 at noon, via Zoom.