CCFOI Meeting Minutes – Sept. 20, 2018

Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information Board of Directors
Minutes from Sept. 20, 2018
Woodn Tap, 99 Sisson Ave., Hartford, CT

Present: President Mike Savino, Vice President Zach Janowski, Michele Jacklin, Jeffrey Daniels, Mitch Pearlman, Chris Powell, Paula Pearlman, John Bailey

Savino called the meeting to order at 12:14

M. Pearl motioned to approve the meetings from the 26, 2018 meeting. Powell seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

President’s report: Savino said his updates were better served as part of the legislative report.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer George Lombardi wasn’t present.

Legislative report: Daniels and Jacklin provided the legislative report, with assistance from Bailey and P. Pearlman. The Legislative Committee updated the board on the Statewide Data Plan, including CCFOI’s comments with recommendations for the Office of Policy and Management.

The report also included an update on the push to restore funding for transcripts of public hearings by Connecticut General Assembly Committees. Bailey said House and Senate Democrats were supportive, and that future efforts should focus on convincing House and Senate Republicans. He also said that he could provide contact information for Republican lawmakers if he received a list of CCFOI members and their addresses. He also offered to provide talking points.

M. Pearlman expressed concern about the FOI Commission’s budget, starting a discussion about funding and whether it’s adequate. Jacklin suggested trying to get someone to write about the trend of decreasing funds, and the FOI Commission agreed to see if it had data it could provide.

FOI Pledge: The Commission discussed the possibility of sending another FOI pledge in conjunction with the 2018 elections. Savino offered to write a new pledge and suggested it only be sent to candidates for constitutional offices.

Daniels motioned for CCFOI to send a FOI pledge to candidates to constitutional officers. Janowski seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Fundraising: The board talked about looking for ways to diversify its revenue sources. After discussion, M. Pearlman said options break down to three basic categories: seeking contributions from for-profits who want FOI access; asking our email list for additional contributions; and adding a way for the public to donate, such as a button on the website.

No action taken

Lobbying contract: The board talked about the RFP process for its lobbying contract, as the current contract expires at the end of the year. The board identified a list of potential candidates, and Daniels agreed to draft RFPs and send them to those identified. No action taken, as conversation is based on action from a previous meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.