CCFOI Meeting Minutes – Dec. 6, 2017

Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information
Minutes, Dec. 6, 2017

The meeting was at Wood-n-Tap, 99 Sisson Ave., Hartford.

CCFOI President Dan Klau was absent. Vice President Zach Janowski chaired the meeting.

Present: Zach Janowski, Mitch Pearlman, Jeff Daniels, Chris Powell, Tom Scheffey, Steve Nevas, Paula Pearlman, John Bailey, George Lombardi, Michele Jacklin, Mary Connolly, Gary Gold, Bruce Putterman.

The minutes of the Oct. 18, 2017 meeting were accepted. There was no meeting in November.

Treasurer’s report: Lombardi reported a balance of $6,451.77. He said 2018 bills will be sent shortly.

Legislative report: There was discussion of the 2018 legislative session and setting the CCFOI 2018 agenda. Access to historic records, such as the mental health records of Civil War soldiers, remains a goal. We will explore how to build more support, such as reaching out to veterans groups active in helping those suffering from PTSD. Advocating for a sufficient FOIC budget will remain part of the agenda.

CT-N: This once impressive public affairs network is no more. Legislative leaders have drastically cut funding and changed the focus from an independent news operation to promotional reports on the legislature. The network is owned and funded by the legislature but has been run under contract by the nonprofit Connecticut Public Affairs Network. CPAN’s contract has run out and it is not seeking a new contract because of the change in direction. Thirty people have lost their jobs; the legislature has hired 11 CT-N employees under contracts to maintain some service.  It was agreed CCFOI will continue public advocacy for a return to an independent CT-N in some form.

Looking ahead: The next CCFOI meeting will be Jan. 17, 2018 at noon at Wood-n-tap.