Malloy says PURA exemption about pragmatism, not secrecy – Journal Inquirer

By Mike Savino

HARTFORD — A spokesman for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says legislation protecting communications between members of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority from disclosure doesn’t violate a pledge the governor signed during the fall campaign to support state freedom-of-information laws.

The spokesman, Devon Puglia, says the intent of the legislation is to improve PURA’s efficiency and not to curtail what commissioners are required to make public.

“The governor was proud to sign the FOI pledge,” Puglia said last week. “The bottom line is that Connecticut government over the past several years has been transparent and accountable like never before. The PURA adjustment passed by the legislature has everything to do with basic functionality and pragmatism — nothing more.”

Malloy signed a pledge that the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information sent to all candidates for legislative seats and statewide offices prior to the November election.

The governor was only one of roughly two dozen candidates to sign the pledge, promising to “support and protect” the Freedom of Information Act and the independence of the FOI Commission. [Read More]