Given Chance To Speak Publicly On Budget, Most UConn Trustees Pass – Hartford Courant

By Kathleen Megan

When UConn’s board of trustees approved a $1.3 billion budget with no public discussion, it was quickly clear that any questioning took place in an executive session attended by some of the board members.

Open government advocates raised concerns about the secret talks, arguing that taxpayers should be privy to debate over a significant spending plan they’ll be financing.

Weeks later, the vast majority of trustees are still not talking — or sticking to a narrow theme: They like the budget. And it’s better to consider it outside the public’s eye.

The Courant contacted 20 of the 21 trustees to inquire about whether they had any questions or concerns, and whether in hindsight they thought the process could have been more transparent. Of those contacted:

• Eight did not respond. One trustee, former UConn basketball star Donny Marshall, [Read More]