State Police, Media Battle in Court Over Newtown Shooter’s Documents – Connecticut Law Tribune

Months after the Newtown tragedy, State Police released a lot of information on their investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and gunman Adam Lanza, but they didn’t release everything, and a court battle between authorities and the media over unreleased documents has ensued.

The Hartford Courant has requested documents which are referenced in the State Police report on the Dec. 14, 2012, shootings, but which haven’t been made public. Lanza, 20, killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at home, then fatally shot 20 children and six adults inside the school before committing suicide.

A spiral-bound book, called “The Big Book of Granny,” is among the unreleased items which had been seized from Lanza’s home. A state Office of the Child Advocate report describes it as the killer’s fifth-grade project, with a narrative related to child murder, cannibalism and taxidermy.

The Courant is also seeking a class photo [Read more]