Whistleblower’s Lawsuit: Retirement System Rife With Politics, Pro-Union Bias – Hartford Courant

By Jon Lender

When the state’s chief auditors said on June 17 that many government retirees may be receiving undeserved disability pensions costing millions, they based their report on the allegations of a “whistleblower” they didn’t name.

But now the whistleblower — Virginia Brown, a staff attorney in the office of state Comptroller Kevin Lembo during recent years — has surfaced as the plaintiff in a new federal court lawsuit against the state that claims the Connecticut’s government pension system is rife with political favoritism and heavy influence by state employee unions.

Brown seeks damages in an unspecified amount greater than $15,000, saying she was ostracized and a victim of retaliation by superiors at the comptroller’s office because she spoke out against irregularities and improprieties, and wouldn’t compromise in her determinations of what state law requires.

“Defendants repeatedly and consistently retaliated [Read More]