Charges dismissed against firefighter over accident scene photos – Connecticut Inside Investigator

By Marc E. Fitch

A public information officer for the Chesterfield Fire Company in Montville who was arrested after posting photographs of a vehicle accident scene in 2021 had his charges dismissed by Superior Court Judge Arthur C. Hadden.
“This case should never have been brought,” said Mario Cerame, a free speech attorney with the firm Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, who represented Chesterfield Fire Company’s Public Information Officer Steven Frischling. “This two-year fight was an epic waste of taxpayer dollars and Court resources.” (Read More)

Hearst CT investigation: Troopers accused of wrongdoing — including crimes — almost 900 times in 6 years, records show – Connecticut Post

By Bill Cummings

In recent years, records detailing alleged misconduct by officers of the Connecticut State Police – the state’s largest law enforcement agency – were largely shielded from public view.

But reforms allowing for greater transparency reveal hundreds of cases of alleged wrongdoing by troopers over the past several years, including dozens of allegations the department considers to be potentially criminal in nature.

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