Derby Cop Had ‘Extensive’ Disciplinary History Before Quitting, IA Report Shows – Valley Independent Sentinel

11/24/18 – By Eugene Driscoll

A Derby police officer who resigned earlier this year after allegedly attacking his girlfriend had been the subject of seven previous disciplinary actions, including one incident that saw him suspended for 45 days. (Read More)

CAS Legal Mailbag Question of the Week – November, 2016 #3

by Thomas Mooney


Dear Legal Mailbag:

I am an avid fan of free legal advice, and I read your Legal Mailbag column whenever it appears. You answered a question last week about an FOIA request concerning the written evaluations of a coach. You glibly answered that exemption from disclosure for “records of teacher performance and evaluation” did not apply to the evaluation of the coach in question because he is not a teacher in that district. But you left me hanging by not addressing the more common situation when an irate parent asks to see the evaluations of a coach who also teaches in the district. In fact, I am suspicious that you didn’t answer that part of the question because you didn’t know. Read More