State Developing a Transparency Issue – Norwich Bulletin

09/27/16 – By the Bulletin Editorial Board

It would be overly dramatic to say government transparency is under assault in Connecticut, but there is some visible smoke suggesting the presence of a larger, or at least more pernicious, fire. [Read More]

Treat Police, Public Equally and Release Arrest Report – The Day

09/26/16 – Editorial

Police officers facing criminal charges should not receive special treatment not otherwise provided the public, yet special treatment is exactly what appears to be happening in the case of North Stonington Resident State Trooper David F. Greene. [Read More]

OP-ED | FOI Norwalk Style and No Violins For Shankar – CT News Junkie

02/05/16 – By Terry Cowgill

Of all the issues that arise in national, state and municipal government, few of them raise my hackles like public officials who try to block access to information that should be available to the public. [Read More]