Facing Hearing, Ethics Board Chair Admits FOI Violations – The Newtown Bee

10/14/16 – By John Voket

After a protracted mediation process and with the clock winding down to a Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission hearing, Newtown Board of Ethics Chair Jacqueline Villa admitted to violating the state FOI Act on two separate occasions, both involving illegal executive sessions — meetings with members of her board closed to press and citizens that should have been conducted in public.[Read More]

State FOIC Finds For Local Complainants, Orders E-mails To Be Produced – The Newtown Bee

10/12/16 – By John Voket

After two hearings on the matter, Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission (FOIC) is ordering former Board of Education members Kathy Hamilton and David Freedman to produce e-mails and/or other transmission from their personal computing devices that may contain the names of recipients and possible additional content related to information that was published on social networks in the fall of 2015 by the secretary of Newtown’s Republican Town Committee, who is also a local deputy registrar of voters. [Read More]