Bill would expand police secrecy – CTPost

03/06/19 – By Ken Dixon HARTFORD — A battle broke out Wednesday between law enforcement officials who want to expand their secrecy protections and those promoting the public’s right to open records and government transparency, over controversial legislation that would Continue reading Bill would expand police secrecy – CTPost

Watchdog agencies concerned cuts could make them ineffective – Meriden Record-Journal

11/29/16 – By Mike Savino As Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and lawmakers grapple with a projected budget deficit exceeding $1 billion next year, state watchdog agencies are concerned additional cuts could prevent them from effectively serving their roles. Read More

FOI Advocates Say 6th Circuit Ruling on Mugshots Shows Larger Trend – Meriden Record-Journal

07/31/16 – By Mike Savino   Freedom of information advocates warn that a federal ruling this month limiting access to mugshots shows a larger trend of curtailing public information, particularly police records. [Read More]